Jeffrey Trent Kahler 

Insurance & Benefits Advisor


Why I want to help you.

Jeffrey is committed to his mission of guiding and helping people create affordable insurance and benefits solutions with superior protection for better coverage and peace of mind.

Jeffrey’s passion is making the complex world of insurance easier to understand by educating and empowering people with the research and knowledge they need to make important life decisions.

Jeffrey is dedicated to listening and understanding people’s  individualized needs, developing comprehensive plans, and navigating clients through Life’s changes to achieve optimal protection and solutions.

Guiding Principles

Lighthouses rich with symbolism and meanings.

The lighthouse illustrates concepts such as danger, risk, adversity, challenge and vigilance. It also offers guidance, salvation and safety.

The keeper of the lighthouse has a wary eye out - being alert, while the warmly, glowing lamp reminds us security, well-being and Home are well within reach.

Lighthouses symbolize the way forward and help us in navigating our way through rough waters whether those waters be financial, personal, business or spiritual.

Lighthouses and their Keepers are safety and security in the face of adversity and challenge.

Honored to help and guide you on important Life choices and decisions.

Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce | Florida

Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce | Florida